Services Provided:


Just Say Know

Just Say Know (JSK) is a culturally affirming, gender responsive program that is designed to promote academic engagement among criminal justice impacted Black women or those at risk. (Although we are targeting criminal justice impacted Black women or those at risk, ALL women impacted by the criminal justice system are welcomed to participate.) There are two components to the JSK program: educational outreach, monthly student support groups  and educational mentorship. The goal of the educational workshops and support groups is to promote academic engagement and retention among our target population.  The mentorship component of JSK includes the following services, which are administered as needed:

  • Assistance with developing educational goals based on the participants’ talents, gifts, and interests;
  • Online assistance applying for financial aid, enrolling in college, and scheduling for tests to meet the matriculations guidelines; 
  • Assistance with addressing any and ALL barriers to academic success; 
  • Referrals to secondary educational programs for participants that may have not completed their high school diplomas or GED;
  • Writing tutoring, essay review and math tutoring as needed. 



BBISB provides seminars led by formerly incarcerated, yet highly educated Black women, which privies the attendees to hear the topics and concerns from those who are most impacted.  This unique skillset helps to bridge the academic/professional worlds with the streets in a manner that gives the audience a more in-depth perception of the topic at hand.  This combination of high levels of formal education and high levels of street experience materialized into very powerful seminars with messages tailored for key stakeholders in the criminal justice field.  To date, three seminars have been developed and were well received the attendees:

  1. Changing the Things We Cannot Accept: Promoting Excellence in the Lives of Criminal Justice Impacted Black Women

  2. 30 Years Later: The Crack Epidemic in the Black Community, The Aftermath and Launching a Response

  3. Her, Too!: Considering the Needs of Criminal Justice Involved Black Women

"The training was extremely informational, especially the video clips and the speakers who all had life experiences.  The training helps to focus on an area that requires much attention – the impact to African-American women and as a result, the impact to our communities.  The training also noted the lack of data and effective strategies for system-involved African Americans, from an African-American perspective.  I additionally appreciated the safe space that was created for sharing and the speakers’ willingness to be detailed about their experiences and their actions, not just blaming the “system”.  I appreciated the focus on how everyone, including the system, has contributed to the problem.  I also appreciated the varied experiences (mothers, children of drug addicts, etc.).  Thanks for bringing this much-needed topic to the forefront.”

Neola Crosby, Reentry Coordinator, Alameda County Adult Probation