Our Mission:

Dismantling perceptions, practices and policies that negatively affect criminal justice impacted Black women Because Black is Still Beautiful.

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By providing culturally affirming support to Black women and educating others on our behalf, we will experience higher levels of pride, self-worth, and relentlessness to achieve excellence, extending out into the families and communities that are centered around us.


Our values

  1. We believe that Black and the gift of melanin is truly beautiful.
  2. We are bold and unapologetic about targeting Black women and expecting excellence.
  3. We believe that Black women are powerful and with the right support have the ability to excel and positively impact the community.
  4. We understand the importance of Black leadership in regards to creating positive change in the Black community, and it is the underlying foundation of this organization.
  5. We work to maintain a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental, and culturally affirming environment in order to empower Black women.
  6. We value lived experience as much as we do credentials.
  7. We believe that each one can reach one, and it is our duty to do so Because Black is Still Beautiful.

“Your seminar was one of the most powerful, moving and enlightening experiences that I have had the privilege of being part of. Thank you so much to you, your colleagues for generously and courageously sharing your stories with us.” 

Rachel Hoerger, Legal Fellow, Root & Rebound: Reentry Advocates